Submits password reset security question answers. 2nd step of the forgot password workflow process (if security questions are required to be answered for the user).

HTTP Status Code 400 Error Codes (error property):

MissingPropertyValue - Missing property value(s).

InvalidSecurityQuestionNumberOrAnswer - Either a question number is invalid or an answer is not provided to a security question.

InvalidSecurityQuestionSecurityCode - Invalid security question security code. The security code must match the value that was returned from the forgot password endpoint.

InvalidSecurityQuestionIdsSubmitted - The security question ids provided do not match the security question ids previously returned (from the forgot password endpoint).

HTTP Status Code 401 Error Codes (error property):

IncorrectSecurityQuestionAnswer - One or more security question answers are incorrect. Please try again.

SecurityQuestionAnswerAttemptsExceeded - The number of attempts, to answer password reset security questions, has been exceeded.

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