Resets a user's password. Last step of the forgot password workflow process.

PUT /account/password/reset { "email": "{email}", "newPassword": "{new password}", "otp": "{otp}" }

PUT /account/password/reset { "email": "{email}", "newPassword": "{new password}", "pin": "{pin}" }

HTTP Status Code 400 Error Codes (error property):

MissingPropertyValue - Missing property value(s).

PasswordTooShort - The new password does not meet the minimum length requirement.

PasswordAlreadyUsed - The new password has already been used.

PasswordLacksComplexity - The new password does not meet complexity requirements.

InvalidPassword - The password could not be changed. Please ensure you are using the correct old password.

PasswordIsEmail - The new password cannot be the email address.

BothPinAndOtpProvided - Both the pin and otp were provided. Either pin or otp values are expected (not both).

HTTP Status Code 401 Error Codes (error property):

OtpExpired - The otp has expired.

OtpInvalid - The otp is invalid.

AccountLockedOut - Too many invalid login attempts. The account has been disabled.

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