Sets the password security question answers for the current user.

HTTP Status Code 400 Error Codes (error property):

MissingPropertyValue - Missing property value(s).

IncorrectNumberOfSelectedSecurityQuestionAnswersSubmitted - An incorrect number of selected password security question answers were submitted.

SelectedSecurityQuestionAnswersContainOneOrMoreEmptyAnswers - One or more password security question answers are empty. The answer is a required field.

DuplicateSecurityQuestionsSubmitted - Duplicate security questions were submitted. Each questionNumber submitted must be unique.

InvalidSecurityQuestionNumber - One or more password security question numbers are invalid

HTTP Status Code 401 Error Codes (error property):

Unauthorized - An Authorization token was not provided and is required.

AccessTokenInvalid - The access token is expired or invalid.

HTTP Status Code 403 Error Codes (error property):

SecurityQuestionAnswerSelectionNotAllowed - The selection of password security question answers is not allowed for this user.

UserAlreadySelectedSecurityQuestionAnswers - The user previously selected password security question answers.

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